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Exercise Equipment: General term encompassing various gym accessories and machines used for workouts.


Fitness Gear: Equipment and accessories used in fitness activities.


Workout Accessories: Items that enhance or support workouts.


Gym Essentials: Basic items required for effective gym sessions.


Fitness Accessories: Tools used to improve fitness and exercise routines.


Exercise Aids: Items that assist in exercise performance.


Gym Supplies: Equipment and accessories needed in a gym setting.


Training Gear: Tools used for training and exercise purposes.


Exercise Gadgets: Technological accessories designed for fitness tracking and improvement.


Fitness Apparel: Clothing designed for workouts and exercise.


Strength Training Tools: Accessories used to build strength and muscle.


Cardio Accessories: Items used in cardiovascular exercises.


Yoga Equipment: Gear used for yoga practice, such as mats and blocks.


Weightlifting Accessories: Tools used for weightlifting exercises.


Recovery Tools: Accessories for post-workout recovery and muscle relaxation.


Hydration Gear: Accessories related to staying hydrated during workouts.


Gym Bag Essentials: Items you'd typically find in a gym bag.


Home Gym Accessories: Equipment and accessories suitable for home workouts.


Resistance Bands: Elastic bands used for resistance training.


Gym Gloves: Protective gloves for weightlifting and fitness activities.


Foam Rollers: Tools for self-myofascial release and muscle recovery.


Workout Mats: Mats used for yoga, stretching, and floor exercises.


Water Bottles: Containers for carrying water during workouts.


Heart Rate Monitors: Devices for tracking heart rate during exercise.


Fitness Trackers: Wearable devices for monitoring and tracking fitness metrics.


Jump Ropes: Accessories for cardiovascular workouts and agility training.


Ankle Weights: Weighted bands or cuffs worn around the ankles for added resistance.


Fitness Headbands: Sweat-absorbing headbands for comfort during workouts.


Knee Sleeves: Protective gear for knee support during lifting.


Fitness Towels: Towels used for wiping sweat during workouts and hygiene.

Supplier of Fitness Equipment – Treadmills, Orbitrek, AB Exerciser, Massager & Fitness Accessories in Kottayam, Thiruvalla, Pathanamthitta, Pala, Kattappana, Thodupuzha, Changanassery & Muvattupuzha

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Supplier of Fitness Equipment – Treadmills, Orbitrek, AB Exerciser, Massager & Fitness Accessories in Kottay....

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